Posted by: Ivko | September 13, 2009

My Java choices (37/2009)

In this blog series I will list the blogs and articles, which I have chosen in the last week. The title will contain the week number and the year (hopefully I continue doing this in future).

This week my choice spans in the next four links:

Write stories instead of tests

This blog post is from my favorite Java blogger – Misko Hevery. He blogs mainly about test driven development and provides very useful advices and best practices.

In this blog he explains in more details how to implement scenario tests, which he calls stories. Don’t miss it!

Creating objects without constructors

The Java Champion Dr. Heinz M. Kabutz describes a way how to use Java reflection and create an object graph without caring too much about calling constructors.

BTW, Dr. Kabutz is presenting these days at the JavaZone conference in Oslo a talk about the Java reflection. Here are some slides

Call for utility methods in Java 7

The lead of the Small Language Changes for Java 7 project, a.k.a. Project Coin, Joe Darcy, has opened a mailing list, where people could propose utility methods for the lang and util packages in the JDK.

One of the most active contributors from the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) Stephen Colebourne has already a very impressive list

This week Joe Darcy has also published his thoughts after leading for some time this very discussed project. I totally agree with him, even though I realize that I am mainly in the part of the people who criticize the ones who take decisions. Of course this is not constructive at all, that is why when I share a negative opinion, I try to propose at least a solution. I hope that all the Java community understands this.

Finite state machine, supporting concurrent states

In this article, Jeff Lowery describes a brief step-by-step guide to create a Finite state machine in Java using enumerations.

In the second part of the article, he introduces concurrent states (i.e. at one and the same time the machine can be in two states).

Very interesting article, it is a real world example with a Swing GUI and has also the source code in the resource section.

Creating Objects Without Calling Constructors


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